Find happiness by changing how you think

A universal desire of all human beings is to be happy. However, according to psychologists, one’s mind may develop certain ways of thinking that are not helpful to one’s mental well-being. Such unhelpful ways of thinking are very common and one may not even realise that one is thinking in such ways.

This free website will share with you the concept of “Happy Thinking” which is about finding happiness by avoiding thinking in unhelpful ways. The website is truly free. There is nothing to buy, download, register or any other sales tactics. All I wish is that it will bring you happiness.

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Negativity effect

Spotlight effect

Confirmation bias

All or nothing thinking

The illusion of truth

Halo effect

Sunk cost fallacy

Rosy retrospection

Online nastiness

Dunning-Kruger effect

Counterfactual thinking


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